Shon Casey

Shon Casey joined Casual Gravity in February 2024 after their previous drummer met with an unfortunate end by an incendiary device filled with thousands of paper shreds.

Shon has been playing drums since he was five years old. Rumor has it he was born with a pair of sticks in his hand - talk about painful labor! Much like his Casual cohorts, he started his career by playing original music, recording and touring with Grace Drive and One Time Mountain.

He later contracted cover band fever with bands like Dropzone, Overdrive, and most recently, Moneykat.

Always ready for a party, Shon brings a wealth of energy and enthusiasm to the band. He possesses a keen, rhythmic style that compliments each song, and his infectious smile is a beacon. He also makes a mean crustless quiche and reigns as an international footsie champion.


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