Jeff Rudokas

In 2014, Jeff Rudokas beamed down to join forces with Tom, establishing the enduring identity of Casual Gravity. His origin story begins with shredding guitar on original songs with bands Mop Stanley and Zodiac Lunch Bunch throughout the 1990s. He then made the jump to the cover band scene in 2006 with One Track Mind.

Jeff is also the talented artist behind Casual Gravity’s website, flyers, and graphics for the Casual Chronicles. Additionally, he created the name Casual Gravity and its logo. Rumor has it he once cut down a cherry tree with his guitar, truly making it an axe.

Jeff offers up an array of rich guitar solos and remarkable synth sounds, making him a cornerstone of the Casual Gravity sound. His mystic fretwork and the spellbinding sounds he conjures from his guitars earned him the nickname, “The Wizard,” in Casual Gravity. His on-stage mystique and dynamic sleight of hand are enchanting and will bewitch you before you can say abracadabra. On top of all that, he is a major hunk.



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