Tom Jarvis

Tom Jarvis co-founded Casual Gravity in 2014. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, he cut his teeth as a front man for original bands, Offset and Borrowed Time. His teeth became very sharp from cutting them so much. In 2010, he dove head first into the cover band scene with Craving Chaos, where he met Ken Camille.

Tom is also the writer, director, and editor of the Casual Chronicles. He is no stranger to the rest of the entertainment industry, either, being the published author of the award-winning suspense novel, Train of Consequences, and the former writer, director, and host of Chaotic Wrestling’s sensational web show, The ChaotiCast. There is also speculation that he did a brief stint in the adult film industry, but was fired for outperforming all the other male stars.

Tom brings an enormous amount of energy to the band, as well as a captivating and often humorous stage presence, not to mention an impressive vocal range that audiences and club owners rave about. He is a naturally compelling front man, commanding the stage like no one else does, giving Casual Gravity an undeniable advantage. His persuasive and irresistible vocal style will have you singing along in no time. He’s very easy on the eyes, too.



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