Rob Stansfield

A man of many rhythms and few regrets, Rob's bass journey began with using pots and pans as a drumkit, which must have been quite the kitchen cacophony! He later had a brief stint on the trumpet but that ended with a face like a Novocaine experiment gone wrong.

He got his start playing drums for Soket, an original hardcore band in the 90s. Over the years, he's lent his talents to both covers and original bands, from the covers of Stray Dog, That’s What She Said, and Freon Bale to the creative endeavors of Kinetic Theory and Age of Consent. His transition to bass was a natural evolution, driven by his love for the low end and a desire to fill the void left by a scarcity of quality bassists.

With his infectious energy and a punk-rock spirit, Rob brings his passion for riff and roll with Casual Gravity, leaving a trail of basslines and belly laughs in his wake. Rob’s offstage adventures in surfing and snowboarding once drew him into a fistfight with a six-foot Mako shark. He obviously survived, but the shark’s feelings didn’t.


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