Ken Camille

Before joining Casual Gravity in 2019, Ken Camille had actually worked with Tom, Jeff, and Anthony in the past. The four of them formed 80s tribute band, Sister Spandex, as a side project in 2016, but it never quite got off the ground due to Casual Gravity’s busy schedule.

His bass career began with the original band, Nyle Vain in the 1990s and he made the switch to covers with the band, Rain in 1996. He was also in various other cover bands such as Off The Hook and Missing Elmslie, as well as Craving Chaos with Tom.

Ken brings the thunder to Casual Gravity with an immaculate and clean bass style. His tantalizing skill and smooth swagger add a sexy potency to the low end of the band. With riveting aptitude and an incomparable tone, Kenny makes a colossal impact. He is also a ridiculously nice guy; he may even give you the shirt off his back. Just be careful not to get lost in his dazzling eyes.


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