Anthony Laurin

When Anthony Laurin received a phone call from Tom in 2017 telling him that Casual Gravity needed a drummer, he said, “You had me at hello.” He initially got his start as a drummer in the original band, Eden’s Lie. A couple years later, he turned his dreamy eyes to Police tribute band, Fortress.

He may be the youngest member of Casual Gravity, but he truly is an old soul. Growing up on the likes of Elvis, Journey, and Van Halen, his musical sensibilities put him on the same page as the other members. Never more than ten seconds from a smile, Anthony’s endearing personality shows through on everything he does.

Often referred to as Casual Gravity’s “Forever Drummer,” Anthony brings a wealth of energy and enthusiasm to the band. He possesses a keen, rhythmic style that compliments each song, and his fluid movements behind the kit are a blast to watch. All-in-all, he is a force to be reckoned with, effectively able to catapult any song from garden-variety to notoriety. He is also smolderingly handsome.


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