The Season Three Premier Of Casual Chronicles!
The previous season had a car chase, a big-budget talk show, and even a band member dying, but the season three premier tops all of that with a shower scene. You're welcome. In this episode, Tom and Jeff go a little stir crazy after a month-long break of no shows.

posted: Feb 14 2018
Casual Attire!
The next time you come to a Casual Gravity show, you don't have to go home empty handed. Cover your chest with this snazzy 100% cotton tagless Casual Gravity t-shirt in the beautifully slimming shade of black! We'll have both men's and women's T's in sizes M-L-XL. For $15, you can walk away with a t-shirt that will match everything you own!
posted: Jan 13 2018
Casual NYE
9 out of 10 doctors agree that you should go to Casual Gravity's New Year's Eve party at Crow’s Nest in Plaistow, NH!

We're very excited to play at one of our favorite places for the biggest party of the year. There is no cover charge and no need for tickets; just show up and have a great time. Plus, we will be giving away a few free Casual Gravity t-shirts throughout the night. If you're wanting to have the best New Year's Eve ever, the choice is clear. Just listen to what other people are saying in this video:

posted: Dec 18 2017
We're resting up right now, because we have three shows left in December 2017, including tomorrow, December 8th, at The Chop Shop in Seabrook, NH, and next Saturday, December 16th, at The Whiskey Barrel in Laconia, NH. Those are some of our favorite places, but there's one more we're very excited about, as well.

As you've probably already heard about and seen in the season two finale of our Casual Chronicles, we will be performing our first ever New Year's Eve show at Crow’s Nest, in Plaistow, NH! We normally don't do NYE shows due to family vacations, but when one of our favorite places in the world asked us to do it, we just couldn't say no. We love it at Crow's Nest; the owners and staff always treat us awesome and the audiences that go there are always amazing. So, come check us out and help us casually kick off 2018 in style!
posted: Dec 7 2017
The season two finale of Casual Chronicles is now live! In this episode, Tom wonders if he has run out of ideas for the show, but when he and Jeff brainstorm, he finally dreams up a concept! Keep watching until the very end!

posted: Nov 24 2017