Mr. Ecks Strikes Back!
After taking a break to grieve and to think about the future of Casual Gravity, we have decided to continue on with the band and to return to the stage on January 25th at The Crow’s Nest . And what better way to mark our continuation than with a Casual Chronicles?

This episode was originally supposed to air on the day after Thanksgiving, but due to RayJay's passing it was put on the shelf. We had wrapped up filming two days before he died; with his part actually being the last scene we filmed. So, this episode contains the last-known footage of him. In the original script, he and Mark died on the way to helping the other guys, but out of respect some light edits were made in post and now they got lost on the way. Enjoy the episode and we will see you soon!

posted: Jan 3 2019
Thank you to everyone who came to RayJay's celebration of life. We appreciate you all and we know he did, too. We made so much noise and gave so much love, that we know wherever he is, he heard us loud and clear.

We will be taking a break through the holidays to get our heads straight and recharge our batteries. We would like to spend time with our loved ones and individually decide what we want to do going forward. In January, the four of us will meet up again and make a decision about the future of Casual Gravity.
posted: Dec 9 2018
Donations For Rayjay
Several people have asked us if they can donate to a particular charity in RayJay's name. We discussed it with his family and they have said donations can be made in his name to Music Drives Us is a charitable organization that focuses on keeping music in schools. As music was such a huge part of his life, we all feel that this would be appropriate.

Thank you to everyone who has expressed their condolences and kind thoughts during this difficult time. We will see you all this Friday night at his celebration of life.
posted: Dec 5 2018
In lieu of formal services, we would like to invite everyone to Crow’s Nest on Friday, December 7th, to celebrate the life of our fallen brother, Jason "RayJay" Kenny. We are celebrating his life, his major contributions to Casual Gravity and the local music scene, and saying goodbye the only way we know how: with a show. The four of us will be performing and reminiscing about RayJay from 8:30pm to 12:30pm.
posted: Nov 29 2018
It is with shattered hearts that we inform our fans of the untimely passing of our brother, Jason “Rayjay” Kenny. We are consumed with waves of grief, shock, and denial at this time and our heavy hearts go out to his family during this difficult time.

He was our friend, our brother, our rock, our peanut butter, and a monster rhythm guitarist. Our lives were enriched with him in it and we are eternally grateful for having been blessed with his friendship and talent. He leaves behind an enormous hole that is tough to process. We don’t know what this means for Casual Gravity at this time; our thoughts remain solely with our grief and his family’s grief. We will do our best to keep you posted once we wrap our heads around this.

In the meantime, please send some positive vibes to his family as they deal with this immense loss. And take a moment to think about how Rayjay’s light touched you during our unfairly short time with him on this earth.
posted: Nov 23 2018